LLG Legal Training and are working together to create a library of webinars which cover the most current topics and updates to assist local government employees. Please visit the dedicated website www.localgovernmentlaw.tv to view a full list of webinars on offer

Training courses


  • Local Government Law Update 2016

    Recorded in April 2016, leading barrister Richard Clayton QC outlines and analyses the key local government cases of the preceding 12 months across a range of disciplines. Includes a comprehensive downloadable paper.

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  • The LLG Competency Framework

    From the 1st November 2016, the SRA’s new mandatory approach to CPD will be introduced. Rather than undertaking a minimum number of hours training each year, the new regime requires solicitors to “reflect on the quality of their practice and address any identified learning and development needs” to enable them to reach a “competency standard” relevant to their areas of practice.

    To assist local authority solicitors, the Lawyers in Local Government group (LLG) has produced a new competency framework to enable local authority solicitors to comply with the new requirements and in this webinar, Helen McGrath, Development Officer for LLG, outlines the main features of the framework and explains how it will work with the new CPD rules.

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  • CIL and Planning Obligations

    This presentation considers the past, present and future of the Community Infrastructure Levy in the light of forthcoming reforms to the regime.

    Recorded 21st January 2016

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  • Bringing Forward Development

    Will forthcoming changes to the NPPF, permitted development rights and the Housing and Development bill shift power towards or away from Local Planning Authorities?

    Recorded 21st January 2016

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News & offers

LLG Legal Training also offers group discounts on courses and conferences. If you make three to four bookings on the same day at the same time we will give you a 5% discount. If you book five or more we will give you a 10% discount. Simply quote 5% or 10% at the time of booking and send an email to bookings@llglegaltraining.org.uk

This can be a combination for the same person or a mix of different people on the same course or different courses. You will have to all be from the same council or company. The bookings will have to be made at the same time and cannot be used on bookings already made and processed. If a cancellation is made on any of the bookings you will lose the discount.

We also provide course documentation on courses currently running which you can purchase for £49.95 VAT exempt. Please email info@llglegaltraining.org.uk for more information.

If you are interested in having an In-House course please contact us on info@llglegaltraining.org.uk or 01483 478769 and we can provide costs on your requirements.