Training course

Claims, Blame and Local Authority Litigation

27 September 2018
10:00 - 16:00
7BR, London

7 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4BS

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The ever-increasing strains placed on local government, both in terms of finance and the need to demonstrate value for money, inevitably draw local authorities into litigation. There is no doubt that claims are rising, many remain unpredictable, and cases are increasing in their size as well as their value. The pressure is greater than ever for local authorities to manage litigation efficiently and cost-effectively. This informative and interactive course delivered in conjunction with 7BR is designed to bring practitioners up to date with some key areas of local authority litigation, and will include:

  • Enterprise Act claims
  • Proceeds of Crime Act
  • Non-delegable duty of care and fundamental dishonesty
  • Judicial review
  • Inquests
  • Care costs recovery

Target audience

This course is designed for anyone involved in litigation within a local authority.


All levels


This course will cover the following aspects of the SRA’s Statement of solicitor competence:

A2 Maintain the level of competence and legal knowledge needed to practice effectively, taking into account changes in their role and/or practice context and developments in the law

A4 Draw on sufficient detailed knowledge and understanding of their field(s) of work and role in order to practice effectively

A5 Apply understanding, critical thinking and analysis to solve problems

B3 Develop and advise on relevant options, strategies and solutions

B6 Negotiate solutions to clients’ issues

B7 Plan, manage and progress legal cases and transactions

Claims, Blame and Local Authority Litigation

27 September 2018 | 10:00 - 16:00

£215 +VAT

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