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The first LLG Introductory Masterclass in Political Awareness will be taking place in Birmingham, 29th November 2018.

This introductory masterclass is ideal for lawyers in local government who are moving, or plan to move, into more senior roles where their interaction with members will grow and there will be greater need to deal with governance issues. This masterclass will also be suitable for lawyers moving into local government from the private sector. In addition, any lawyer in local government who feels they need a refresher on this subject, however experienced they are, will be very welcome.

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LLG Legal Training also offers group discounts on courses and conferences. If you make three to four bookings on the same day at the same time we will give you a 5% discount. If you book five or more we will give you a 10% discount. Simply quote 5% or 10% at the time of booking and send an email to

This can be a combination for the same person or a mix of different people on the same course or different courses. You will have to all be from the same council or company. The bookings will have to be made at the same time and cannot be used on bookings already made and processed. If a cancellation is made on any of the bookings you will lose the discount.

We also provide course documentation on courses currently running which you can purchase for £49.95 VAT exempt. Please email for more information.

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