Training course

Regulatory Enforcement: Environmental Health

17 May 2019
10:00 - 16:00
Eversheds, London
  • Neil Allen - Barrister and Team Leader, SBS-Legal Solutions

1 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7WS

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Enforcing environmental health law is ‘bread and butter’ for many local government lawyers, whether working for an urban or rural authority, and a good knowledge of environmental health law is an essential part of any local government lawyer’s toolkit. It is a wide area of law, but one that contains principles and procedures common to many aspects of it. This course will concentrate on statutory nuisances, using noise nuisance as a particular example, and will look at the enforcement of these nuisances by local authorities from a practical perspective, delivered by a practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in the area.

This course aims to help delegates to:

  • Understand key principles of environmental health law focusing on statutory nuisances, particularly noise nuisance
  • Understand the main enforcement mechanisms (and the issues that arise) such as:
      • Abatement notices
      • Statutory appeals
      • Direction action such as seizure
      • Prosecutions
      • Post-conviction orders
      • Licensing reviews
  • This course is suitable for all practitioners involved in advising local authorities on environmental health enforcement and representing them in court.

    This course will cover the following aspects of the SRA’s Statement of solicitor competence:

    A2 Maintain the level of competence and legal knowledge needed to practice effectively, taking into account changes in their role and/or practice context and developments in the law

    A3 Work within the limits of their competence and the supervision which they need

    A4 Draw on sufficient detailed knowledge and understanding of their field(s) of work and role in order to practice effectively

    A5 Apply understanding, critical thinking and analysis to solve problems

    B3 Develop and advise on relevant options, strategies and solutions

    B6 Negotiate solutions to clients’ issues

    B7 Plan, manage and progress legal cases and transactions

    C2 Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with clients

    C3 Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with other people

    D1 Initiate, plan, prioritise and manage work activities and projects to ensure that they are completed efficiently, on time and to an appropriate standard both in relation to their own work and work that they lead or supervise

    Regulatory Enforcement: Environmental Health

    17 May 2019 | 10:00 - 16:00

    £215 +VAT

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