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Online - Masterclass: Licensing Law in Action

24 November 2020
09:30 - 14:45


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This new online course provides you with the opportunity to attend our highly popular and practical Licensing Law in Action Masterclass delivered by renowned speaker Stephen Turner. The day will be broken down into four interactive sessions, allowing all attendees to engage with the speaker and with each other, share experience, ask questions, and participate in discussion.

Councils when acting as a licensing authority need to ensure that the decisions that they make are ‘robust and according to law’ at all times. This applies equally to decisions made under delegated authority by Officers or those made by Members. The mechanisms and reasonings lying behind the actual decisions are of critical importance to achieving this goal. The course will focus on these aspects with an emphasis on Hackney and Private Hire, Alcohol and Regulated Entertainment practice and procedures. The day will include an examination of the following three core topics, each of which will look in detail at its subject, the relevant law and its practical application:

  • Covid-19: the temporary licensing responses- where are we now? What have you done/are doing?
  • S177 Guidance from the Secretary of State- an analysis
  • The Road to Wakefield- How Much!: an examination of the fees regimes now

These sessions will be interactive and may include one or more practical exercises in which attendees will be able to participate. Attendees are requested to consider these areas of practice in advance and are also invited to submit questions or practical examples of difficulties they have encountered for possible discussion on the day. Any examples should be anonymised.

There will also be a number of ‘hot topic’ sessions taken from the list below where the latest developments in those areas will be set out and discussed to establish the direction of travel. The ‘temperature’ of each topic will be assessed some two weeks before the course to finalise the hottest which will be discussed on the day. These topics will be in a more ‘workshop’ format with full interaction. The day will conclude with an ‘open forum’ Q&A session, time and the previous sessions permitting.

Hot Topic sessions:

  • The march of the apps
  • DBS and police common law disclosure
  • Cross border operating
  • Pavement licenses now.
  • New legislation?


This course is suitable for experienced practitioners, particularly those who have the responsibility of providing legal advice to a Licensing Authority, the Police or a Responsible Authority. Delegates with intermediate to advanced knowledge of licensing law and procedure will benefit most, although those with lesser knowledge and a desire to learn are welcome.

Online - Masterclass: Licensing Law in Action

24 November 2020 | 09:30 - 14:45

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