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Online - Masterclass in Political Awareness

09 November 2021
10:30 - 12:00


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This course consists of 4 pre-recorded modules, which you can watch at your own convenience, plus a live session on 9th November.

This course provides you with the opportunity to complete LLG’s extremely popular Masterclass in Political Awareness online, from the comfort of your home office. Delivered by highly experienced lawyer, consultant and trainer Bethan Evans, the course addresses current issues involved in working at a senior level in the political environment of a local authority.

It builds on the material covered in LLG’s Essential Guide to Political Awareness and is a natural next step for delegates who have already attended that programme. But it is also suitable for anyone who works with elected members, whatever your seniority, and whether or not you have attended the Essential Guide course. It will give you an up to date summary of current challenges and developments in local authority governance, viewed particularly through the lens of the officer/member relationship.

The course is structured in five modules. Modules 1 to 4 are each around 45 minutes in length, pre-recorded, and can be viewed at your convenience. Module 5 is a live, interactive 90-minute workshop, giving you the opportunity to engage with the speaker and other attendees, share experiences, ask questions, and participate in discussion.

The five modules together cover

  • The current context for member officer relations in local government including recent reports/lessons learned, financial crises and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The roles and systems which pay a vital part in ensuring good governance in a local authority including Corporate Governance Codes, Audit Committee responsibilities, the roles of internal and external audit, statutory officers’ duties.
  • Case study examples of governance and financial failures in councils, drawing from public interest reports, best value reports, internal investigations and government inspections – what can we learn?
  • Practical actions and ideas which can be applied in your Council, relating to people, the constitution, processes and culture.

The course includes plenty of examples. It is practical in nature, focusing on skills and tips for tackling real issues which will help you in your role at your council. The live workshop will explore specific reflection points from each module, allowing you the time to apply the theory to your own circumstances.


This course is ideal for lawyers in local government who are in senior roles where they have interaction with members (or are moving into these roles) and need to deal with governance issues. The course is also suitable for ANY lawyer in local government who feels they need a refresher on this subject.

Online - Masterclass in Political Awareness

09 November 2021 | 10:30 - 12:00

£199 +VAT

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