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Online - Section 106 Agreements

17 January 2022
09:30 - 12:30


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This practical half day course will provide a solid overview of section 106 agreements including the relevant legislation, planning obligations and the construct of the s106 agreement itself. The course will cover the law that lawyers, planners and others need to know in connection with preparing and managing section 106 agreements, including:

  • Decisions by the Planning Committee and by others; when to delegate and when not to; what can we do by planning condition.
  • Section 106 agreements and unilateral undertakings; the National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Concluding the section 106 agreement. What can be done over affordable housing, education contributions, flooding, regeneration and other subject areas, routine and exceptional? What would you expect to be in agreements?
  • What can the council require and how does it enforce the agreement?
  • Layout and drafting.
  • Finding out what the developer and its advisers are trying to achieve; getting the most for your authority; advising the members.
  • Applications for review of agreements under section 106A and in other ways.
  • What happens where the developer and council cannot agree.
  • Maximising the prospects of winning on an appeal.
  • How the government’s planning reform proposals will impact s106 agreements.


This course is suitable for planning lawyers, members of Planning Committees, planning officers and enforcement officers at any level of experience dealing with section 106 agreements.

Online - Section 106 Agreements

17 January 2022 | 09:30 - 12:30

£125 +VAT

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