Stephen Turner

Stephen is a practising solicitor with Kingston upon Hull City Council and has been solely responsible for advice to the Council and its Officers on all aspects of licensing law and procedure since 2004. This includes the period of implementation of both the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 when he was heavily involved in advising on and devising the systems and procedures to be used by the Council when dealing with these fundamentally new additions to its powers and duties. He continues in that role advising the Committee and Officers in connection with all applications, reviews, prosecutions and appeals concerning licensing matters from taxis and private hire to sex shops, zoos and scrap metal dealers. Stephen is Legal Advisor to the Committee when it is in session and also deals with advocacy arising from decisions of the Committee by way of appeals or from the prosecution of offenders under all relevant legislation.

Stephen provides training and instruction to all new members of the Committee and to all members by way of update on at least an annual basis or ad hoc as legislative changes are brought forward. He also provides training and instruction to Officers of the Council on all aspects of licensing and regulatory enforcement and prosecution.

Stephen has presented lectures, workshops and seminars to a wide variety of audiences including magistrates, solicitors, members of the Institute of Licensing, Council Members and Officers and others within his areas of interest and expertise.

When Stephen is not dealing with licensing matters, his time is given to high end prosecution work for regulatory departments such as Trading Standards, Food Safety and Environmental Health. The work ranges from warrant applications and prosecutions for breach of regulations, to complex trade mark or copyright cases and fraud.

Outside of the Council, Stephen is a Past Chair of Solicitors in Local Government and is currently the Branch Secretary and Branch Representative of the Yorkshire & the Humber Branch of Lawyers in Local Government. Stephen is also the Deputy National Expert (Licensing) for LLG and the Vice Chair of the North East Region of the Institute of Licensing. He is also an independent trainer, lecturer, mentor and consultant.